High Bounce Ball (Set of 4)

Comes in a set of:

Green, Red, Yellow, Blue

Material: Rubber

Diameter: 6cm

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$ 11.90

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High Bounce Rubber ball set is a fun and interactive for kids and teenagers to play with. Comes with 4 vibrant colours, this high energy rubber ball will definitely keeps the children and youngsters busy! At the same time, the act of bouncing and catching allows them to practice their hand eye coordination and will benefit their motor skills and coordinations!

It can bounce much higher than regular balls, making it a fun tool to train reaction time and increase class participation.

Combine High Bounce Ball with our Primary Tennis Racket for an elementary game of tennis for kids! Ideal for handball or modified hitting games.

As the old sayins goes,you only grow old when you stop playing!

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High Bounce Ball (Set of 4)