Storage Rack for PE Room


  • Master Rack with 4 Tiers
  • Slave Rack with 4 Tiers
  • Plastic Crate

$ 219.00

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This is a rack which is designed for use in a PE Department storeroom.

The height of each shelf can be easily adjusted without the use of nuts and bolts.

The bottom tier can be left empty for bulky items or trolleys.

The other tiers can be adjusted to fit the crates, or other items you may have. 

Details of Storage Rack:

  • 150cm x 60cm x 200cm (Width x Depth x Height)
  • Weight capacity of each shelf: 100kg
  • Master Rack comes with 2 Stands and 4 Tiers
  • Slave Rack comes with 1 Stand and 4 Tiers. It is used to add on to a master rack for more storage. Doing this will allow the rack to be more stable while saving cost. 
  • For illustration, if you want 3 Racks side by side, you should get 1 Master Rack and 2 Slave Racks. 

Dimensions of individual Crate:

  • 43.5cm x 61cm x 32.5 cm (Width x Depth x Height)
  • To buy the crate separately, please click this Plastic Crate ($16).


  • The rack will be assembled on-site for you.
  • Products on Storage rack is for illustration purposes only.
  • Storage rack in photo is installed with 3 shelves. It NOW comes with 4 shelvesby default.
  • Due to the import shipping process, the support beams may have blemishes or dents at some parts upon arrival. This should not affect the structural stability of the rack. However, if the rack is excessively shaky due to the dents, we will replace it. On our part, we will try our best to ensure the products are treated with care during the shipping process.

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Storage Rack for PE Room

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