SECURE Foam Prewrap


Dimension: 70mm x 27m.

Available in Beige colour only

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  • Single roll - Beige
  • Box of 30 - Beige

$ 5.00

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SECURE Foam Prewrap/Underwrap is ideal for use as a base layer before application of rigid tapes to prevent skin chaffing. The thin foam layer stretches readily and sticks easily back onto itself for a fuss-free application.


Athletes who are allergic to latex or adhesives will be able to use SECURE Foam Prewrap as an effective barrier between skin and tape. Only available in beige/nude colour to avoid attracting unwanted attention to injuries.

This product can also be used to prevent blisters or as hairties and headbands during sports.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

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SECURE Foam Prewrap