Premium Rigid Sports Tape

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  • 25mm x 13.7m
  • 38mm x 13.7m

Sold in a single piece or in a box 

Stickiness: ★★★★

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  • Single roll 25mm
  • Single roll 38mm
  • Box of 25mm (48 rolls)
  • Box of 38mm (32 rolls)

$ 8.00

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This viscose rayon tape provides high tensile strength and rigidity to support and prevent unnatural joint movements. Its pinked edges allow for easy tearing and application, while the zinc oxide adhesive is uniquely applied for maximum stickiness. This water-proof glue formulation ensures the reliability of this product under harsh condition and humidity, yet leaves no residue upon removal. Both glue and spandex are latex free and hypoallergenic.

Often used together with foam underwrap and light rip EAB, 25mm is used mostly for the taping and protection of fingers, while 38mm is typically used for ankle taping.




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Premium Rigid Sports Tape