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Available in 50ml or 200ml. Expiry: Nov 2017

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  • 50ml
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If you’re looking for a multi purpose anti chafing or chamois cream to protect you from chafing problems, then Premax Anti Friction Cream is the solution. Premax Anti Friction cream is a must for cyclists, triathletes, runners, motorbike riders, surfers, swimmers in wetsuits, horse riders, footballers, or anyone who gets chafed.


Premax Anti Friction Cream is a long lasting, multi purpose, and high performance formula. It significantly reduces the friction between skin to skin, or skin to fabric abrasion. Premax Anti Friction Cream also contains Tea Tree Oil to help protect the skin from harmful bacteria.


Sports Physiotherapist Randall Cooper helped formulate Premax Anti Friction Cream. Not only has Randall used his 15-plus years of experience in elite sport to help him formulate this effective anti chafing cream, but he also tapped into his vast network of elite level athletes to help him test, refine, and perfect this long lasting, endurance focused formula.


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Premax Anti Friction Cream