Pressurized Electric Air Pump Compressor


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When using this Pressurized Air Pump, it is normal for it to get warmer. To extend the lifespan of the air pump, it is recommend to not use it for more than 10 minutes at one time. If using it for more than 10 minutes, please rest it for 5 minutes, then continue using it again with the same resting interval. 

As the electric ball pump is being used, it will get warmer. It is recommended to lubricate the insertion needle with water before inserting into the ball, to prevent the ball valve from melting due to the heat. 

The pressure gauge will work for tyres, as the internal rubber bladder of tyres is strong enough to hold pressure, but not for sports balls. For sports ball, we recommend pumping to a pressure where it feels firm with adequate bounce. 

Electrical Supply: 220V
Highest Pressure: 150PSI
Air Volume: 35L / minute
Weight: 2.5kg
Length of Pipe: 80cm
Length of Pipe Extender (Red): 3m
Length of Cable: 1.2m
Suitable for: Oversized Balloon Ball, Sports balls, Bicycles, Inflatable toys

Comes with 1 x Electric Plug Adaptor

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Pressurized Electric Air Pump Compressor