Orthopaedic Lumbar Support Cushion

36cm (Length) x 32cm (Height) x 12cm (Depth at edges)

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  • Navy Blue
  • Black

$ 32.00

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The issue with most of us is we spend way too much time at our desks. Extended periods of sitting with no movement causes lower back pain as the pressure builds in that area. A lumbar cushion can help to alleviate pain in the area by providing support.

Most of the lumbar cushions in the market is made with memory foam that is too soft, so when you lean back, it collapses inwards, and doesn't even provide any support. Our proprietary density memory foam is custom made to be more firm, so it wraps around the back and sinks in slowly matching the shape of your back. It supports the back without being intrusive or obstructive.

This provides instant relief and comfort with slow memory foam recovery.

Comes with adjustable length buckle and clip attachment.

Both black and navy blue has the same density. 

This product is popularly sold in physiotherapists and chiropractic clinics. If you are buying this product in bulk for resale in your clinic, please contact us directly.

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Orthopaedic Lumbar Support Cushion