Incline Pull Up Bar with Push Up Station

Length: 100cm
Width: 62cm
Height: 100cm

3 Heights adjustable for pull up bar: 80cm, 87cm, 95cm.

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$ 149.00

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Javy Sports Incline Pull up/Push up station allows a holistic body weight training. The back muscles, which primarily executes pulling actions are one of the highly neglected body part. This is especially true for students who spend most of their time hunch over the desk. 

By incorporating incline pull up into their PE lessons, student's overall posture will improve.

Besides the incline pull up, this equipment comes with a push up bar that allows students to practice their push ups.

Therefore, both the pushing and pulling aspect of the upper body is covered.

It will be delivered assembled, unless otherwise requested by customer.

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Incline Pull Up Bar with Push Up Station