Standing Broad Jump Mat

Dimension: 300cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 6mm (Thickness)

Weight: 20kg

Sold in a single piece 

As the mat is made of rubber, there will be a slight rubber smell. 

The smell will usually be gone after it has been left in the open air.

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$ 349.00

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The mat is made of 6mm thick heavy duty rubber to ensure the mat is durable.
The paint used is similar to paint used on running tracks, which can withstand heavy friction and will not wear off easily.

It starts measuring from 10cm, for children to build confidence in their skill.

This mat measures up to 300cm, which makes this a fantastic piece of equipment to measure performance and challenge children and adults.

This is suitable for schools of all levels and polytechnics.

This mat measure jumps quickly and easily using lined measurements. Every 5cm and 10cm lines are longer for quick reading. The lines are extra thick so as to last longer.

If minor tears develop in the mat over time, you can use this product to repair the tears to prevent it from increasing further: 502 Adhesive Super Glue.

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Standing Broad Jump Mat