Gym Mat Trolley (Heavy Duty)

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Dimensions: 90cm (W) x 180cmv(L) x 90cm (H)

Material: Heavy Duty Steel

Maximum weight capacity: 300kg

Made in Singapore

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$ 349.00

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As this item is welded together in Singapore, it is much more durable compared to those held together by bolts and nuts. 

The wheels are heavy duty wheels which can withstand 300kg load. For gym mat use, this is more than sufficient. The wheels are directly welded onto the frame for greater durability and stability.

Each wheel is 10cm diameter and made of heavy duty Nylon PU material. Nylon PU material is preferred compared to rubber as rubber tends to dry and crack over time, due to it being an organic material. 

It is also possible to add a 12mm thick plywood (tropical hardwood) with lacquer as a platform on the trolley.
This will cost an additional $150. 

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Gym Mat Trolley (Heavy Duty)