Tossing Ring

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Dimension: 18.5cm (outer diameter)

Material: PVC 

Colour: Blue / Green / Red / Yellow 

Sold in a set of 4 or set of 8

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$ 10.00

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Set of 4 consists 1 of each colour

Set of 8 consists of 2 of each colour

Tossing rings is most suitable for kids to practice their hand-eye coordination. 

It can be used for varied tossing and catching games.

You can also take a look at Tossing Ring Kit as well! 

Quick comparison of rings

Tossing rings the lightest and thus the most agile and suitable for throwing games. They are best paired with our tossing ring kit as it develops aiming and precision in childrens' throwing.

Sponge rubber rings are comparatively heavier and are more suitable to be used to develop childrens' tactile senses as they can grab and squeeze it or roll it on the ground. They can also be placed as markers during games or hold sports balls etc.

Soft PVC Rings are a sweet spot between the 2 rings as they are of medium weight but are still soft enough that they wont injure kids during games. They hold their shape more then sponge rubber rings which may be suitable for bigger kids to use as the prolonged force on the rings will cause less wear and tear. 

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Tossing Ring