Maze Balance Board

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Dimension: 58cm x 18cm x 14cm 

Colour: Red / Blue.

Ball included with the set

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  • Red
  • Blue

$ 39.00

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The Maze Balance Board is a balance board with a special maze track that can hold a ball. The challenge is to navigate the provided ball through the maze track at the top of the balance board.

The Maze Balance Board is suitable for children of different ages and development as the Board has three different ways to play.

Beginner: Place the board on a table or floor and use fingers/hand to move the ball through the maze.

Intermediate: Hold either ends of the board and tilt to maneuver the ball through the maze without dropping it.

Advanced: Stand on the board and move the ball through the maze by shifting your weight back and forth (ultimate challenge!)

The Maze Balance Board is an excellent exercise to develop and improve balance, coordination and strength. Analytical thinking skills will also be enhanced with the Balance Board.

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Maze Balance Board