Instant Warm Pack

Measures 10cm x 13cm.

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How to use: Open outer bag and take out the inner bag and place it in pocket. It may take up to 30 minutes for the patch to reach maximum temperature. It is recommended to use heat pack on layer of clothing and not directly on skin to reduce chance of burns. 

It is normal to experience slight skin redness but if your skin is still red after a few hours, stop using product until redness goes away completely. 

Stop use if the pad feels too hot or uncomfortable. 

Ask a doctor before use if you are pregnant, have diabetes, poor blood circulation or heart disease. Precaution: Low temperature burn is a burn which may cause blisters when applying a heating element of higher temperature than body heat for a long time. Do not use at bedtime. If you feel irritation or a burn,remove product immediately. 

Do not use heat patch in the same location for more than 8 hours in any 24 hour period. The heat patch contains iron and is harmful if swallowed. If swallowed, rinse mouth with water and seek medical attention immediately. If heat patch contents come into contact with skin or eyes, rinse with water immediately. 

To avoid risk of fire, do not microwave this product or attempt to reheat. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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Instant Warm Pack