Padded Sensory Room (Customized)

There will be a lead time of 6-8weeks for the padding to reach our warehouse. 

Duration of installation will have to depend on the room size and requirement. 

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$ 999.00

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Please contact us at for a non-obligatory quotation on our service.

First, we will provide a rough quotation based on your floor plan.
If you confirm the order and place a deposit, we will drop by to do specific measurements.
As long as the measurements do not deviate greatly from your floor plan, we will honour the original quoted price. 

To help us quote you accurately, please provide the following information in the first email:

  • Floor Padding Height (5cm or 8cm)
  • Wall Padding Height (90cm up to 240cm)
  • Floor Length (cm)
  • Floor Breadth (cm)
  • Does your door swing inwards or outwards?
  • A room for absolute safety (anger management issues) or for general safety (kindergartens) will have different considerations.

These are some considerations for you before our first meeting.


Size of each Pad: We recommend the size of each pad to be around 1m wide. However, it does not look pleasant if the wall has mats that are 1m, 1m, 1m, then 50cm. Hence, we will usually average the width of the mat so that it will be more pleasant looking. The largest pad we can customize is 2.4m x 1.2m each. Wall padding is a standard 5cm thick. 

Power Plugs: For safety reasons, we will cover directly over the power plugs in the room. For those affected boards, there might be a slight protrusion. 

Thickness of Floor Mat / Skirting: Most floor skirting is around 7.5cm. Hence we recommend the floor padding to be 8cm thick, to provide complete coverage from the floor to the wall. If this does not matter to you, then you can choose the more economical 5cm thick padding. 

Gaps: Will there be gaps between your padding? Definitely. As this is a manual job of applying the wall pad, there would be tolerances. It will not exceed 0.5cm between each mat. It will still sufficient to prevent injuries. 

Height of Wall Pads: For toddlers, we recommend 90cm from the top of the skirting. For special needs, we recommend the height of the padding to be higher than the height they can reach. This is because agitated children might try to pull on the top of the mat to try to pull it off.

Colours: Please see the images in the thumbnail to choose your colour. For padded rooms for toddlers, we recommend 2 colours for the wall mats in alternating design with floor mats to be of another colour. This allows for a rich sensory experience for toddlers. For a peaceful and calm room for children with special needs, a single colour room is more appropriate so as not to further agitate them. 

Door: Does your door swing inwards or swing outwards? If it swings outwards, we can pad up the entire floor. If it swings inwards, we would leave a space empty so as not to block the door. Alternatively, you can consider shaving off part of the door if you really require the room to be fully padded. We do not pad the back of the door unless requested. 

Supply only or Fully Fitted Service: We are able to offer a supply only service, wherein you purchase ready padded boards and fit them as required yourself.  We are able to manufacture bespoke sizes and will be pleased to provide a quotation upon request. Alternatively, we are able to offer a fully fitted service.

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Padded Sensory Room (Customized)