Hockey/Floorball Play Set

Set includes:

2 x Indoor Hockey / Floorball Sticks (Choose from 2 Lengths: 70cm or 100cm)

1 x Plastic Perforated Balls (Set of 4) (Choose from 2 Sizes: 70mm or 90mm)

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  • 70mm
  • 90mm
  • 70cm
  • 100cm

$ 17.00

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Hockey/Floorball Play Set provides the basic set for 2 players to enjoy a game of hockey/floorball.

Indoor Hockey/Floorball Sticks available in 2 lengths: 70cm or 100cm.

Plastic Perforated Balls (Set of 4) are available in 2 sizes: 70mm or 90mm.

You can set up a make shift goal post by using space markers to demarcate the scoring area.

This playing set is a good setup for a 1 vs 1 goal scoring/practice!

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Hockey/Floorball Play Set