Wood Maze


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Tilt the Labyrinth to and fro until the steel marble rolls to the finish!

Place a steel marble at "Start". Grasp the two knobs on the sides.

Every strategic twist and turn of the knobs changes the angle of the Labyrinth board and sends the marble rolling. 

Can you guide the ball along the winding path, through the maze without it falling into any holes?

If you have what it takes to make it past all sixty obstacles, you'll prove yourself remarkable at hand-eye coordination, reasoning and visual spatial skills. AND - you'll prove to another contestant that waiting for a turn was worth it!

Up the ante. Play against a stopwatch and challenge friends.

Put down the video games and give hand-eye coordination a true challenge,
test quickness and skill with the Wooden Labyrinth!

Wood Labyrinth

  • A classic wooden tilt marble game
  • Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, reasoning
  • A classic game, still as challenging as ever
  • Twist knobs to change board position and keep the marble rolling!
  • If marble falls, it rolls out from the lower level - Try Again!
  • Obstacles are numbered 1 to 60
  • Includes Labyrinth board and 2 steel marble balls
  • Instructions for play included
  • A classic game for a wide range of ages
  • Strong, durable wood construction

For ages 7 and up. Small parts within toys. Not suitable for 5 and under.

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Wood Maze