Premium Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Material: Memory Foam and Fabric 

It relieves lower back pain, pelvic aches and soreness.

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Relieves lower back pain and pelvic area aches and soreness by taking pressure off your back, hip, legs, tailbone, sciatica, prostate, perineal, pelvic area, etc. Allows for hours of sitting without experiencing any pain, aches, fatigue or soreness.

It features a cut-away space at the center for conditions that require zero contact at the genital area. Provides ease in sitting down for prostatitis, post delivery recovery for mothers, hemorrhoids, and other perineal and pelvic floor disorders. This design is highly effective and extremely comfortable.

Elevated back section of the cushion helps to promotes a healthy sitting posture and which allows the tailbone and spine to be balanced for weight distribution.

The base of the cushion is covered with non-slip beads is safe for old folks or wheelchair bounded users.

This seat cushion is highly recommended for office workers who feel pain in their lower back due to long hours at the desk to relieve the soreness.

Made of high quality memory foam which will fit any user. Made with soft and breathable fabric which allows user to stay cool and comfortable for prolong sitting.

Removable Zippered cover allows cushion to be washable.

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Premium Memory Foam Seat Cushion