Structural Aluminum Malleable (SAM) Splint

Structural Aluminum Malleable (SAM) Splint View larger

Dimension: 11cm x 92cm

Sold in a single piece 

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Compact, lightweight, highly versatile device designed for immobilizing bone and soft tissue injuries in emergency settings.

Can be unrolled or unfolded and formed to the shape of the injured person's body.

Once folded into a curve, it becomes quite rigid and capable of immobilizing a number of different wounds, including the leg, forearm or humerus. Folded properly, it can also be used to stabilize the cervical spine.

It can be easily cut with any scissors or shears, to make smaller devices such as finger splints.

Can be cleaned, rerolled and reused. SAM Splint is also radiolucent; it does not interfere with X-Rays.

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Structural Aluminum Malleable (SAM) Splint