Waterproof Frisbee Puck


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Never mind beach tennis - start throwing around the Frisbee Puck instead! Throw this little rubber puck to your friends and see how the special design gets it to fly through the air. The Frisbee Puck is water-resistant, can fly up to 60 metres and can fit in your pocket - perfect for fun games in the park or at the beach!

Imagine a little rubber puck flying through the air when you throw it, and with which you and your friends can do neat tricks when you throw it to each other. This Frisbee Puck takes the game of Catch to an entirely new level! It is perfect to take along when hanging out at the park in the summer and for lazy days at the beach!

This little puck has both an ergonomic grip and an aerodynamic design, which might not sound all that exciting, but this makes it fly through the air in a way unlike any other! To throw, you take hold of the puck with your thumb and index finger, and rest your index finger against the arched edge. Then you raise your hand and make a forehand throw, sort of like tossing a sandwich. A regular Frisbee throw also works on shorter stretches, but with the right technique, it will fly up to 60 metres!

The puck is made of flexible rubber that makes it much more pleasant to catch than, say, a hard Frisbee. It is furthermore water resistant and it floats on the water. So why not put away the beach tennis stuff and try something new and fast-paced?

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Waterproof Frisbee Puck