Multi-Purpose Foam Grip Tape (45m)

Dimension: 45m (length) 

Material: Foam

Suitable for rackets of Badminton, Tennis, Floorball, Hockey

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  • Red Grip Tape (45m) with Red Finishing Tape (10m)
  • Blue Grip Tape (45m) with Blue Finishing Tape (10m)
  • Black Finishing Tape (10m)

$ 19.00

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Our 45m roll Grip Tape is not stretchable and does not come with reverse glue.

This makes it suitable for schools as the wear and tear of the grip is high, and removing grip tape with adhesive will leave a residue that is hard to remove and will result in the uneven surface for the next application of tape. 

Follow the steps in the images to get a perfect application each time! 

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Multi-Purpose Foam Grip Tape (45m)